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Junior Coaches

Mitch Ellis

Junior Development Coordinator


We're thrilled to introduce Mitch Ellis as our new Junior Development Coordinator at Monty Baseball! Mitch grew up at Monty, the son of 500+ gamer Mark Ellis. He began as a bat boy and progressed all the way through the junior program. Mitch had a successful college baseball career in America playing middle infield and third base. Starting at Heartland Community College before finishing at Division 1 Western Illinois University. After returning home he rejoined Monty playing in the 2019 A-Grade premiership and was awarded 1st’s MVP honours. Domestically, Mitch has won 3 ABL Claxton shields while playing utility roles for Brisbane in 2018/19 and Melbourne in the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons respectively. Mitch signed a professional contract with the Kansas City Royals in 2020 as a pitcher. Spending the last 3 years as a member of their organisation. Which included winning a High A championship with Quad cities in 2021. As well as being a member of the Suprise Saguaros in the Arizona Fall league. Join us in welcoming Mitch BACK to the Monty dome! Together, we'll continue to grow, learn, and succeed both on and off the field.

Mathew Kent

Under 17s Head Coach


With an impressive background both on and off the field, Mathew Kent brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Head Coach of the Greenhills Montmorency Baseball Club's Under-17 team. Games played for GMBC: Approximately 300 games. Mathew's baseball journey spans across various levels of the sport, including stints with professional teams and international representation: • Seattle Mariners Minor League Player (3 years) • Independent League Professional Baseball Player (5 years) • Boston Red Sox Minor League Player (1 year) • Represented Team Australia in the World Baseball Classic 2006 • Team Australia Player in World Cup, Intercontinental Cup, and Olympic Qualifiers • Victorian Claxton Shield Senior Team and winning the Helms Award in 2007 • Represented Victoria in State Junior teams at U15s, U16s, and U18s levels Mathew's coaching career is as diverse as his playing career, encompassing roles at various levels and locations: • Professional Coach in the USA (2003) • Coaching positions at Sunshine Baseball Club and Melbourne Baseball Club • Assistant Coach at Greenhills Montmorency Baseball Club • Junior Coach at Greenhills Montmorency Baseball Club and Melbourne Baseball Club • Head Coach of Athletic Charter Senior League and Junior League teams Mathew's standout memory from his junior baseball days was hitting the cycle during the Australian Under-18 Championships while representing Victoria, followed by signing his first professional contract - a moment that solidified his dedication to the sport and paved the way for his successful career both as a player and coach. With his extensive experience, passion for the game, and commitment to player development, Mathew Kent is poised to lead the Under-17 team to new heights of success at Greenhills Montmorency Baseball Club.

Joe Keiper

Under 15s Head Coach


We're thrilled to announce Joe Keiper as our new U15’s Head Coach! With a wealth of experience both on and off the field, Joe brings a dynamic energy and a passion for the game that will drive our team to new heights. Playing Experience: Joe boasts an impressive track record, having played nearly 250 games for GMBC, clinching 8 premierships along the way! Representative/International Baseball: Joe's journey in baseball extends globally, having earned a spot on a little league all-star team in the late 1980s that competed overseas in Houston. Coaching Expertise: Joe's coaching prowess is unparalleled. From guiding players at St Kilda Baseball Club to nurturing talent in the Junior and Women's Program, Joe has left an indelible mark on the baseball community. His coaching stints at Research Summer Baseball Club, GMBC Tee-Ball, and Athletics Charter, including national competitions, showcase his commitment to player development at all levels. Other Contributions: Since relocating from the USA to Australia in the early '90s, Joe has been an integral part of the Melbourne baseball scene, playing for St Kilda, Melbourne Uni, and now Monty. His dedication to coaching kids, fuelled by his love for the sport, reflects his desire to give back to the game that has given him so much. Best Memory from Junior Baseball: Joe fondly reminisces about the camaraderie and mischief of his junior baseball days in the USA. From sneaking hot food into the dugout to the coach's hilarious reactions, “No hamburgers in the dugout!!”, “No Frito Pies in the dugout!!” Joe cherishes the memories of good times and great friends. Join us in welcoming Joe Keiper as our U15’s Head Coach! Together, we're poised to achieve greatness on and off the field. Let's play ball!

Dale Gibson

Under 13s Head Coach


We're thrilled to introduce Dale Gibson as our new U13’s Head Coach! Dale brings an impressive blend of playing experience, coaching expertise, and a passion for nurturing young talent to our team. Playing Career Highlights: • Dale has an outstanding record of 400 games played for GMBC, demonstrating his dedication and commitment to the sport. • With seven senior premierships, one jnr premiership and four senior MVP awards at GMBC, Dale's success on the field is undeniable. Coaching Journey: • Dale brings six seasons of Senior coaching experience and five years of coaching Juniors at GMBC across various age groups, including T-Ball, Rookie Ball, U12, U13, and U14. His dedication to player development at all levels is truly commendable. Other Contributions: • His coaching prowess extends beyond baseball, as he's employed by the education department, where he imparts his knowledge and passion for sports to students from year 4 to year 12. Best Memory from Junior Baseball: Dale fondly recalls his time playing with lifelong friends at GMBC as a Junior in the seniors. Being exposed to high-level players and coaches at a young age was truly inspiring and shaped his journey in baseball. Dale Gibson's wealth of experience, coupled with his dedication to player development and passion for the sport, makes him the perfect fit for our U13’s Head Coach role. Join us in welcoming Dale and let's make this season one to remember!

Ryan Booth

T-Ball & Rookie Ball Head Coach


We're thrilled to announce Ryan Booth as our new T-Ball & Rookie Ball Head Coach! Ryan's extensive experience both on and off the field, coupled with his passion for the game, makes him the perfect leader for our team. Playing Career Highlights: • An impressive 350 games played for GMBC, showcasing his dedication and love for the sport. • Represented Victoria in Junior baseball, highlighting his talent and skill at a young age. • As a Victorian Claxton Shield player, Ryan was part of the winning team in 2007, demonstrating his prowess on the field. • He attended the Florida Marlins training camp in Ft Lauderdale, providing him with invaluable professional experience. • Ryan represented Australia in the Japan Industrial League, showcasing his talent on an international stage. Coaching Journey: • Ryan brings a wealth of coaching experience, including: o One season as Co-Senior club coach at GMBC. o Assistant club coach and 2nds coach at GMBC. o Involvement in multiple junior programs in collaboration with Baseball Victoria. Other Contributions: • Ryan's success on the field is undeniable, with six senior premierships at GMBC, two Summer league A-grade premierships, and a summer league batting title. • He's been honoured with three senior 1sts MVP awards at GMBC, showcasing his talent and leadership on the field. Best Memory from Junior Baseball: • Ryan's best memory from his junior baseball days includes playing in his first rep team at Blacktown and forming lifelong friendships with teammates. Ryan Booth's dedication, experience, and passion for the game make him the perfect choice for our T-ball & Rookie ball Head Coach. Join us in welcoming Ryan and let's make this season one to remember!

Assistant Coaches

Wayne Roberts

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Glen Pitts

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Steve Buys


Jol Duffell



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